When Will I Need a Mortgage Broker?

Whether you’re looking to buy a property or just want to remortgage, then a mortgage broker in Essex can be a great help and provide invaluable advice. Finding independent advice on your mortgage can make the difference between a successful application and being rejected. Receiving professional advice can also lead to a significantly better deal, […]

Rise in Home Buyers Not Carrying Out a Building Survey

Homeowners Putting Themselves at Risk of Disaster More than seven million buyers do not bother with a building survey. But the financial savings can prove to be a false economy. Research carried out by well-known insurance company Churchill has revealed that an astonishing 14 percent of buyers have never had a survey conducted on their […]

Late Tax Returns Can Cost You £900

Paper Tax Returns Need to be Submitted by the End of October The introduction of online tax returns has caused some confusion regarding deadlines. Make sure you get your return in on time to avoid a fine. When the government signalled its “making tax digital” initiative in 2015 and HMRC set up the facility for […]

Get Luxury Watches on Finance

The Watch Of Your Dreams Can Be Yours! Luxury watches don’t have to be only owned by the rich and famous – not when there are some great finance plans out there. A luxury watch is a real status symbol, and is a sign to others that you’ve made it. It can also be a […]

How To Pay For Your Dream Wedding

Budgeting For Your Big Day Weddings can be expensive, but there’s no reason why you can’t have the ceremony of your dreams. A wedding is one of the most special occasions you’ll ever plan for. Chances are, it’ll also be one of the most expensive too. If you’ve got a dream wedding in mind though, […]

Home Care for Seniors Is The New Sunrise Industry

A Big Business That’s Making Profound Change With an ageing population, home care for seniors is an industry that’s growing very quickly indeed. Care for the elderly is something that is rarely out of the news. It’s not surprising either – after all, we’re all living longer and provisions need to be made. With an […]

How The Trading Floor Boosts Team Effectiveness

Team building lessons from the stock market The high-pressured atmosphere of the stock market trading floor can bring unexpected benefits to your business. Each company is only as good as the people behind it, and if your employees are not performing well, neither will your business. With this in mind, it’s crucial to build a […]

Jaguar Land Rover Ditches Final Salary Pension

Is the Death Knell for Final Salary Schemes Ringing Louder? Iconic car maker Jaguar Land Rover is the latest to reduce retirement benefits, announcing reforms to its £7.1 billion pension fund. Jaguar Land Rover has joined the ever-growing list of top UK companies to cut the pensions payable to thousands of its employees by drawing […]