Claiming Compensation: All You Need To Know

Could you be eligible for timeshare compensation?

If you’re tied into an unfair timeshare contract you could have a case for a compensation claim.

Signing up to a timeshare often seems like a great opportunity at first glance – after all, who doesn’t love the idea of enjoying an exotic holiday year after year? However, the reality is often a far cry from the dream that was sold, and many timeshare owners find themselves tied into costly and restrictive contracts that fail to live up to initial expectations.

If you’re unhappy with your timeshare, you’re not alone – British holidaymakers are cancelling their timeshare plans at a rate of six per day. And, with the EU declaring that around 12% of all timeshare schemes could be illegal, you may even have a case for a timeshare compensation claim.

Do I have a case?

There are a number of circumstances in which you might be eligible to claim timeshare compensation.

The use of unfair and unclear contracts is one of the biggest issues faced by timeshare owners – particularly those that tie you in for at least 50 years (known as ‘in perpetuity’ contracts). Another problematic arrangement is the ‘floating week’ contract, whereby you purchase a non-specific week at the timeshare resort. On the surface this appears to offer more flexibility but, in reality it can mean you could struggle to secure the property for your preferred dates. Added to this, timeshare contracts often contain hidden charges so, quite often, owners end up facing unexpected costs.

Timeshare companies are also infamous for employing ‘hard-sell’ tactics which don’t give you enough time to properly assess the pros and cons of entering into a timeshare contract. This, along with false promises, such as positioning the timeshare as an investment opportunity, could mean that your timeshare was mis-sold, creating an opening for a potential claim.

Get your paperwork in order

Before starting a timeshare compensation claim, it’s important to ensure that all your paperwork is in order and that you have the information you need at your fingertips. Timeshare contracts can be extremely complicated but getting organised and gaining a thorough understanding of the facts and figures will give you an overview of what exactly you’re signed up to, providing an accurate overview of your situation. This is vital information if you plan on engaging a solicitor to handle your claim.

Ask the experts

Even if you think you have a valid claim, launching timeshare compensation claims can be a difficult and complex process, so your first step should always be to contact a solicitor who specialises in this area. As well as providing you with impartial advice, they will also be able to assess the viability of your claim, talk through the pros and cons of going ahead with legal action, and guide you through the claims process.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who are only too happy to prey on dissatisfied timeshare owners. This often takes the form of cold calls, so if you receive a phone call out of the blue offering to take on your timeshare claim, be on high alert and be sure to seek the advice of a reputable legal expert before taking any action.

So, if you’re unhappy with your timeshare contract, don’t suffer in silence. Talk to a specialist timeshare solicitor and find out if you have a case for timeshare compensation.