Why Every Buyer Needs a Home Survey

Explaining The Importance of House Surveys

If you’re planning to buy a property, then you should always have a full home survey carried out before you sign on the dotted line.

Buying a house is a complex process, and involves a lot of paperwork. There are some things that you can’t afford to skip though, such as house surveys. Here’s everything you need to know, including where to find the best surveyors in the business.

What is a home survey?

First things first, what is a home survey? Well, there are actually two main kinds of surveys for houses in the UK. The first is a home buyer’s or valuation survey. This is a simpler survey that largely focuses on urgent or particularly significant matters. It’s known as the ‘economy package’ – but it still gives you all the information you need! It’s the ideal choice for properties of standard construction that are in good condition. The other option is a building survey. This is far more in depth, and is useful for more unconventional builds or ones that have been altered. They offer great scope for personalisation and customisation.

Whatever survey you choose, they both offer some clear benefits:

Identifies problems

A survey can shine a light on any problems in a property. If you have your eye on a house that clearly needs a lot of renovation, a full building survey will help you identify which areas need attention. This is important, as it will differentiate between which are superficial problems and which are more serious, structural issues. It could stop you from buying a property which could saddle you with lots of builder’s fees and a few headaches!

Get you the best price

Surveys aren’t just there to shine a light on problems – they are there to help you get the best possible price for a property too. If you commission a survey and you then discover that the property’s roof needs to be completely replaced as a matter of urgency, you could then negotiate for the cost of that to be taken off the price of the home. This stops unscrupulous homeowners and estate agents charging high prices for homes that actually have a lot of issues.

Show you the boundaries of your property

A complete home survey will also give you lots of essential information about your new home before you move in. It will show you where the boundary lines of your property lie, This will stop you from making any costly mistakes that could lead to disputes with your neighbours and even legal battles further down the line. It seems far-fetched, but being as informed about your home as possible will help you to avoid any future issues.

Where to find the best surveyors for your property

If you are going to have a home survey carried out, then you need to find a trusted local surveyor. South West Surveys are one of the most trusted names in the industry. With plenty of experience and an impeccable eye for detail, they will identify any areas that need attention with ease. They’ll present their findings clearly too, and will answer any questions that you may have regarding the survey and its contents.

If you want to find out more about the surveys available to you and have one carried out on your dream property, then you know what to do next!