Factors To Consider Before Selling Your Home

Plan ahead to ensure the smoothest sale possible at the best price

Selling a property can be daunting, stressful and even emotionally draining so if you’ve decided to sell yours then taking some basic steps will help the process be as fuss free as possible.

Your selling strategy

Are you looking to get a firm sale lined up before house hunting for your new home?

If so, what happens if you get a sale but haven’t found somewhere? Will you rent for a while or have you family lined up who will accommodate you until you find a new home?

Having your selling strategy fixed will help you move forward positively; no stalling or ‘going cold’ on the idea if you can’t find somewhere else.

Use a trusted and knowledgable estate agent

An estate agent with a sound knowledge of the local market will help you sell as quickly as possible and for the best price. For example, if you’re in a certain area of Essex then you’d look for experienced Chelmsford estate agents to help you.

Don’t fall into the trap of instructing the estate agent who provides the highest valuation if you ask one or more to come and value your home; some will deliberately over value so as to receive your instruction with a view to knocking you down on price later.

Ask each agent how they’ve arrived at their valuation. This is the first step in trying to be as emotionless as possible; accepting the actual market value of your property not merely a subjective one.

Emotional mindset

Buying and selling property is an emotive process so try, as far as possible, to remove emotions from it.

Ideally, your mindset should be very much a ‘businesslike’ one in that you’re selling something for its fair market price whilst accepting that some people will like it, some won’t and all – or nearly all – will try and reduce the price.

This is where your estate agent can help; they can keep you focussed on the realities and act as the go between with you and potential buyers.

Preparing your home for sale

Whilst major expense shouldn’t be necessary – unless something is seriously amiss that would prevent a sale – some time and maybe a little money could make all the difference.

Let your agent guide you but consider the following:

Kerb appeal – the all important first impression a potential buyer gets when they approach; little things like tidying the shrubs, cleaning the front door and maybe oiling that squeaky garden gate can make a difference.

Interior tidiness – have a serious declutter if things are a bit untidy; your viewer will want to imagine themselves living in the property – difficult if every nook and cranny is full of junk.

Cleanliness – a clean and odour free interior makes a huge difference; it may be a chore cleaning up between each viewing but it’s well worth it.

Basic redecoration – maybe one or two rooms would benefit from a lick of paint, especially if they’re a bit dark and dingy; the more spacious you can make your home appear the better.

Minor repairs – a leaking tap, loose roof tile and maybe the odd ding or hole is worth fixing; it won’t cost much (if anything) and could make a big difference.

Other professional help

Have other experts lined up and ready to do their job for you once you’ve found a buyer and your house sale starts. If you haven’t already, choose a suitable solicitor or conveyancer.