Why Virtual Assistants Are In Demand During The Pandemic

Could Your Business Benefit From An Organised Pair of Hands?

If your business is struggling to stay on top of the little tasks, then a virtual assistant could be the answer to your prayers.

If your business has been turned upside down during the pandemic, then you’ll need an organised pair of hands on deck. This is where virtual assistants come in. They’re available to help businesses in any industry, in any timezone and any location. As you switch to a remote working model, or even if you still have physical business premises, you could benefit enormously from the skills of an experienced virtual assistant.

Life has changed very little for VAs since the pandemic took hold in 2020. As they’re already well acquainted with remote technology and collaboration tools, there was no settling in period for experienced VAs. Most were already marketing their services online and have clients based across multiple industries which has really helped them to stay afloat. In comparison to employees who work for a single employer, if some of their work drops off, then there are still plenty of other income options to fall back on. From diary management, carrying out audio transcription work, answering phone calls and even writing sales copy, virtual assistants have a wealth of skills to assist businesses in the Covid era.

Digital Marketing

As businesses adapt to the changing economic landscape, it’s important that their brand still gains recognition on digital platforms. Virtual assistants are experts at assisting with social media tasks, such as post creation or automation. They can also help you to engage with your target audience by answering social media messages, or seeking out new possibilities for you. Digital marketing can be time-consuming for business owners, so this is the perfect task to delegate to your trusty VAs.

Tech Education

For companies that have been sent into a spin by having to give up their traditional working practices and switch to a virtual setup instead, this may have been an overwhelming time with plenty of teething problems. Virtual assistants are extremely adept at working with the latest technologies including Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams or Trello. If you need assistance in learning how to perform a task, then your VA can record a Loom video for you, which will take you through it in a simple step-by-step approach. This enables excellent collaboration between your team members and with clients or B2B contacts too where required.

Keeping Your Customers Happy

Communication is at the heart of keeping your customers happy during the pandemic. Virtual assistants can send out emails to customers or make personal phone calls updating them on the status of their order, the safety measures in place or the current opening hours of the business. They can also assist or setup virtual conferences or meetings, sending out the necessary invitations and ensuring that everyone is able to log-in correctly.

Some businesses will sadly need to downsize during the pandemic in order to stay afloat. If you’ve lost team members but still need to retain an excellent pace of organisation, then virtual assistants are the solution you’re looking for. Add an extra, outsourced team member and free up your time to dedicate to other areas of your business.